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We love print. Alivingdog.com is meant to be a site for leisurely browsing, as through a magazine. It's distinctly low tech. Recently we got a new front yard with just a few bones to dig up, but finding them leads to others. Or, you could check the index/ doghouse. Like the Firefox/ Mozilla browser, we deconstructed our formerly busy front page.

Living Dog Store

The Living Dog Store opened in 2008, and is meant to be like browsing through a catalog. The store includes items mentioned on the site and related items. Everything is from Amazon, and Amazon search boxes are sprinkled throughout the site. Clicking the main categories, like "A Reading Dog" drops down the submenus. There are still Amazon icons throughout the site for various  items, which all still work, but these items are now also in the store. To read more reviews on an item, search for it in the search box, which will take you out of the store. Bookmark the page or use your back browser button to return.

A Watching Dog

There are links for classic DVDs and cartoons because these broke out into separate sites, which enables the Living Dog Store to stay small. These two sites feature classic TV shows and family films in a kid safe browsing area. There's also a preview player to sample trailers and video downloads. Some features are browser dependent and may not work with all browsers. The dog site links to these two sites, which may also be accessed directly at http://www.classicswithoutcable.com for classic TV, and http://www.cartoonswithoutcable.com for cartoons.

Shopping from Amazon

1. Click to add items to your shopping cart. You can edit your cart at checkout and at any time. Click the cart icon to view your cart.

2. Use the search box to search for other items on Amazon.com. When ready, proceed to check out, edit your shopping cart, and sign in.

3. Your order is handled entirely by Amazon and Amazon's standard guarantees apply. Alivingdog.com and its associated web sites have no part in this process.

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