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Walt Disney Treasures: Disney Comics 75 Years of Innovation

This 160 page color comic collection matches the Disney Treasures DVD series and includes strips from the 'thirties to the present by Disney artists all over the world. It's from Gemstone, the reorganized version of Gladstone and includes an introductory essay by David Gerstein. Great comics by Carl Barks, Floyd Gottfredsen, Don Rosa and many more.

Walt Disney's Comics in Color Vol. One

What a deal! Each of these volume include two to four Gladstone comic albums and number around 184 pages. 8" X 10" paperbacks with Gladstone's vivid, crisp, full-color printing.  Vol. One includes: Uncle Scrooge: The Money Well; Donald and Gladstone; Bambi; and Donald Duck Adventures: The Golden Helmet.

Walt Disney's Comics in Color Vol. Two

Includes: Uncle Scrooge: Hawaiian Hideaway; Donald and Daisy; Mickey Mouse: The World of Tomorrow; and Donald Duck Adventures: Ancient Persia.

Walt Disney's Comics in Color Vol. Three

Includes: Donald Duck and the Junior Woodchucks; Uncle Scrooge: The Golden Fleecing and two more albums.

Walt Disney's Comics in Color Vol. Four

Includes: The Land Beneath the Ground; Sheriff of Bullet Valley; Uncle Scrooge: Only a Poor Old Man; and The Brittle Mastery of Donald Duck.

Walt Disney's Comics in Color Vol. Five

Includes: Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck: The Sunken City; Mickey Mouse: Sheriff of Nugget Gulch; Donald Duck: The Duck in the Iron Pants.

Walt Disney's Comics in Color Vol. Six

Includes: Donald Duck: Pirate Gold and many more (contents unavailable).

Disney's DuckTales Vol. One

Why was the DuckTales TV show so good? Because it was made from real Carl Barks comics. These two collections include Barks' stories that inspired the show. Vol. one includes: The Lost Crown of Ghengis Kahn; The Land Beneath the Ground; Lemming with a Locket and more.

Disney's DuckTales Vol. Two

Includes: Giant Robot Robbers; The Golden Fleecing; The Horseradish Story, The Status Seeker, Tralla La and more.

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