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Mort Walker's Private
Scrapbook: Celebrating a Life of Love and Laughter

A beautiful, hardback, 320 page, full-color,
illustrated retrospective
of Mort's long and varied artistic career. Engaging, Engrossing, Entertaining, The subtitle says it all.Also available signed by Mort from Mort's homepage at (click picture for onfo).

Backstage at the Strips
(New Edition)

The old, rare, hard-to-find, in-demand highly sought after 1975 edition is long out of print, but now this classic work is once again available in a new edition. Here's Mort's behind-the-scenes look at the whole funny business of the funny business, including comics and profiles of his comic- creating pals. Chock full of black and white strips and illustrations (click picture for info). 

The Lexicon of
Comicana (New Edition)

That Mort--what a funny guy! This is the Webster's of Wonder, the Roget's of ribaldry, the Encyclopedia Comicana of all things cartoon. Never mind that professor Walker made it all up. Here are toon terms and daffynitions for all those things in the comics too funny for words (click picture for info).

The Best of Hi and Lois

Collected comics from the favorite family strip by Mort and Dik Browne, his longtime collaborator and co-conspirator in comic hilarity (not to mention the creator of Hagar the Horrible). Beetle has been known to drop in on his relations when out on furlough. Also available in a signed edition from (click picture for info).

Hi and Lois : Sunday Best

At last: a full color quality coffee table edition of the much-loved strip by Mort Walker and Dik Browne (click picture for info).

Beetle Bailey Celebration

This is a 40th anniversary collection of strips. Yeah, we're up to the fiftieth anniversary, but who's counting? This collection, already more than ten years old, has different strips than the two fifty year volumes. Click on Mort's icon to get one signed, "Best Wishes, Mort Walker." All three collections are getting hard to find, and this way you can get Mort's John Hancock (click picture for more info).

50 Year Celebration

50 Years of
Beetle Bailey

This is one of two fifty year celebration books that collect Beetle strips from five decades. Both are out of print and hard to find. The difference is that you can get this one signed by Mort from


A Toast to Camp Swampy

Beetle Bailey Shot Glasses

With so much to celebrate, 'ya gotta have this set from Dark Horse. Let's hear it for Camp Swampy! A toast to Beetle! Happy fortieth--I mean fiftieth anniversary! Root beers all around-- this round's on Snoopy! Available from comic shops and Things From Another World (

Still Lazy After All These Years

Beetle Bailey: Still Lazy
After All These Years

The cream of the crop of fifty years of military madness. Different cartoons than the other five decade collection (50 Years of Beetle Bailey). Out of Print.



Saturday Morning Cartoons
Beetle Bailey-DVD

This budget set of two two-sided discs not only includes twenty Beetle Bailey Cartoons but also thirty more 'toons from King Features/ Hearst Cartoons including twenty Barney Google and Snuffy Smith. There's also two shows from Bob Kane's Cool McCool and eight other 'toons (click picture for info).

Role Model for Slackers

Classic Comic Characters:
Beetle Bailey (#11)

The best new collectibles are these comic characters from Dark Horse, available at comic shops and Things From Another World ( They come with a beautiful lithographed tin box and a pin. Entry level is around $50, but these numbered editions will likely go up soon. Sarge is also in the line-up, along with numerous other classic comic and cartoon characters.

Toon Time on DVD

Beetle Bailey/ Hagar the
Horrible/ Betty Boop DVD

Ten of these twelve cartoons are the King Features Beetle Bailey shorts that were available in various VHS editions. This was the first Beetle Bailey release on DVD and is now out of print. It also includes two specials of Betty Boop and  Hagar the Horrible.  Saturday Morning Cartoons: Animated All Stars Vol. One is a lot better collection and a lot better deal.


Mort Walker: Conversations with Comic Artists

  If the interview with Mort here wet your whistle, here's your chance to read more (click picture for info).



Beetle Bailey Book and
Figure Set

Learn to relax at home. This self-help set includes a 4 inch PVC PFC role model and a 128 page guide to goofing off. A daily dose of these comics is guaranteed to keep up your morale. Also available: Miss Buxley, Sarge and General Halftrack sets. Dark Horse has out- done themselves with these outstanding book and figure sets, which come packaged for gift giving (now somewhat rare).



Beetle Bailey Set

Miss Buxley Set

General Halftrack Set

Sarge Set

The Best of Beetle Bailey

Now back in print! Over 240 pages of Beetle comics and history spanning three decades. An oversize paperback collection that will keep you laughing from reveille 'till rack time (click picture for info).


A happy globe: the symbol and goal of the International Museum of Cartoon Art. In 2007 the IMCA is changing its name to the National Cartoon Museum and moving into the Empire State Building. One more reason to visit the Big Apple.

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