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This is an ongoing attempt to scare up some of the Best Unheard Albums on Amazon. Some have been released on CD, some never have, some have gone out of print. Other CDs by these artists may also be available. CDs not available through Amazon may be available through (see Music section) or other outlets. These are CDs of the records in my "100 Best Albums You've Never Heard" list. The number corresponds to the number in that list. Because most of those albums haven't made it to CD, I made other lists on Amazon with CDs that Amazon carries. To order these albums from Amazon or for more information, click on the pictures.

007- Glass Harp: It Makes Me Glad

Phil Keaggy's band before he went solo. One of three Glass Harp albums newly available on CD.

008- Phil Keaggy: What a Day

Phil Keaggy's solo debut album was unequalled for simplicity and bonhomie. Some of the troubadour's most memorable tunes.

009- Phil Keaggy: Love Broke Through

Phil Keaggy's next album, here on a double CD. Contains the title track written with Randy Stonehill and Todd Fishkind, and Keaggy's rock opus, "Time."

019- Petra: Come and Join Us

The band's second album, and it rocks. Raw and rollicking, with their first cover of Argent's "God Gave Rock and Roll to You."

042- Al Green: Precious Lord

Al Green wrings as much soul from the title track as writer Thomas Dorsey originally put into it. You've never heard hymns like these.

043- After the Fire: Der Kommisar-- The CBS Recordings
Finally their three CBS albums are available on CD in the US. Includes Laser Love, 80-f, and Batteries Not Required. Includes "Laser Love," "Wild West Show" and numerous other bonus singles.

045- Johnny Rivers: Slim Slo Slider/ Homegrown

In the searching '60's Johnny Rivers was on the road to find out. Here he brings his soulful southern rock to great cover tunes by such artists as James Taylor, Carole King and Van Morrison. 

046- Alpha Band: The Arista Albums

T-Bone Burnett, Steven Soles and David Mansfield formed Alpha Band in the wake of their stint in Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue. This CD set contains their three quirky, unique Arista albums: Alpha Band, Spark in the Dark, and Statue Makers of Hollywood.

050- Sam Phillips: The Indescribable Wow

Her last album as Leslie Phillips was The Turning. This was her first as Sam. No wonder she was Rolling Stone's critics choice. Producer T-Bone Burnett gives a retro feel to these songs that are uniquely Sam Phillips.

051- King's X: Faith, Hope, Love

This indescribable album made fans everywhere it went. See why this band continues to be a fan favorite with this accessible album.

052- Alice Cooper: The Last Temptation

Originally released with three Marvel comic books, co-written by Neil Gaiman, an over the top thrill ride with a kindler, gentler breed of shock rock from the master showman.

054- Chi Coltrane: Golden Classics

Chi had two piano- driven pop hits from this '60s debut album, "Thunder and Lightning" and "Go Like Elijah." Now on CD from Collectibles.

055- Kerry Livgren: Seeds of Change

For his first post-Kansas solo album, Livgren enlisted a bevvy of talent, including Ronnie James Dio.

057- Bruce Cockburn: Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws

Inspired by reading Charles Williams' supernatural novels, Cockburn penned this meditative musing on creation. Includes "Wondering Where the Lions Are."

058- Bruce Cockburn: Humans

Given the Canadian songwriter's wide range of talent, it's hard to say which is his best album, but this is certainly a contender.  Powerful, expressive  music  underscores the thrumming new wave of "Tokyo" and the  soaring "What About the Bond?"

060- Jeff Johnson: Pilgrimage

With airplay on NPR, "Hearts of Space" and on various Windham Hill collections, Johnson is known primarily as an instrumental, new age style composer. But he has a whole series of lyrical albums, of which this unforgettable CD may be the best.

064- Robin Lane and the Chartbusters

Finally on CD, Boston rocker Robin Lane's Warner Bros.  new wave debut album.  Robin belts "When Things Go Wrong" and other jangly rock faves, while manning a main axe.

073- Altar Boys: Gut Level Music

Ten years before anyone heard of Rancid, Mike Stand and co. learned  the lessons of the Sex Pistols and Ramones, belting out their glorious, gut level garage band rock. This CD combines their third and fourth albums, Gut Level Music and Against the Grain. GLM includes "You Are Loved" and You Found Me."

082- Stryper: The Yellow and Black Attack

Here's the debut ep remastered with extra songs. C'mon Rock.

083- Stryper: In God We Trust

To Hell with the Devil was far better known, having gotten airplay on MTV, but this follow-up album brought both rockers and the ballad, "Always There for You."

086- Tonio K: Romeo Unchained

A nearly perfect pop album, but 180 degrees from business as usual. Released on the short-lived What? label. Some songs were covered by Charlie Sexton, including "Impressed." Includes "You Don't Belong Here" and "I Handle Snakes."

007- Tonio K: Notes From the Lost Civilization

This album would be better with the rock production of Romeo Unchained, but it's still a weirdly thoughtful album from the K man, and got a bit of airing on MTV.

088- U2: War

Whether it deviated from their second album, October, or followed on from it is debatable, but War is one of the Irish band's best. Some of the songs made it onto Under a Blood Red Sky, and in concert they're still singing "40." Includes "New Years Day" and "Sunday Bloody Sunday."

089- U2: Achtung Baby

If U2 had done nothing but this album, they would still be an amazing band. Contains the classic "One," as well as 'Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses" and "Mysterious Ways."

091- The Alarm: Declaration

The Welsh rockers' first full length album on IRS Records brought out Mike Peter's songwriting prowess and their folk punk sound. Mike Peters later remastered these early albums and released them with many extra songs. (See for details).

092- The Alarm: Strength

The album that brought their "haystack haircuts" to video, not to mention their anthemic rock. Includes "Absolute Reality" and  "Sixty Eight Guns."

093- The Alarm: Eye of the Hurricane

The lighter side of the Alarm found radio play in the title track and "Presence of Love."

095- The Call: Reconciled

Michael Been and band were a favorite of college radio, and "I Still Believe" from this disc was heard in the movie Lost Boys.

096- Bob Dylan: Slow Train Coming

Something is happening here, but you don't know what it is, do you Mr. Jones? Underpinned by guitarist Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits, Dylan held forth with verve and vitality on "Precious Angel" and "Gotta Serve Somebody."

097- Bob Dylan: Saved

From the much- covered title track on, Dylan's rockiest album is also a tribute to black gospel and a paeon of praise. Includes "Solid Rock," "Pressing On" and "In the Garden."

098- Van Morrison: Hymns to the Silence

You knew Van made great albums, but you didn't know he made one like this double album full of cover songs, personal originals and poems.

099- The Waterboys

This debut ep by Mike Scott and his Scottish rock band was by turns thundering and mesmerizing. With added tracks on the CD.

100- The Waterboys: A Pagan Place

Mike Scott and band launched this full length album following their self-titled debut. Literate, passionate rockers including "Red Army Blues" and "Church Not Made With Hands."

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