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Letter to Nausicaa

After the Trojan War came the perilous voyage home.
Letter to Nausicaa takes up where the Kaphtu trilogy left off, as Odysseus begins his  journey back to Ithaca in an adventure fraught with danger.
Lost Tales of Kaphtu, Book Three.

"Richard Purtill has an ease about his storytelling. His characters are instantly likeable, and the flow of the action is swift. The Lost Tales are a wonderful re-immersion into the soothing waters of Purtill's mythos."
-Baryon Reviews,

Adventure awaits in the new fantasy novel by
Richard Purtill. Now available from Amazon


Lost tales of Kaphtu book two.

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"Two women: one an Olympian goddess, one a mortal human being. Two quests. When their quests become one, they must work together to avert a titanic war. On the eve of battle, all roads lead to a mysterious nexus of worlds, the Eleusinian Gate." --from the back cover.

  Now at Amazon from Ignatius Press
Lord of the Elves and Eldils:
Fantasy and Philosophy
in C.S. Lewis and
J.R.R. Tolkien

Lord of the Elves and Eldils

"Great stuff, as usual." -Carl Olson, author of The DaVinci Hoax.

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The Kaphtu Trilogy:
"With a scholar's grasp of the period and its mythology, and an unerring eye for character, Richard Purtill brings a gripping reality. As real as today's news--and vastly more enjoyable."
-F.M. Busby, author: The Demu Trilogy

The Golden Gryphon Feather: Book I

Book I 

Chryseis' adventures take her to the legendary isle of Kaphtu, where she enters an ancient world of Bull Leapers, gods and half-gods.

"A magical patching together of fact and myth and sorceries, until what comes clear is not of stone and timbers, but the soul of the place,,,It's a book I wish I had written. It has magic; there are gods and mortals, and the kind of golden haze about it all which belongs to that age." -C.J. Cherryh

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The Stolen Goddess: Book II

Book II

Ducalion finds the road to Hades is paved with bad intentions when he must venture to the deathlands in search of a kidnapped goddess.

"These pages bring our gods and mythological creatures back to us."

"Richard Purtill is both a clear and commonsensical philosopher and an accomplished fantasy writer." -Peter Kreeft, author The Philosophy of Tolkien.

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The Mirror of Helen:  Book III

Book III

The story of Helen of Troy is one of the greatest classics of all time....Here is Helen as a child, kidnapped and held hostage. Here is Helen as a woman, captive in an alien city, while the civilized world sought for her, fought for her. Told as by one who had seen the events, who knew her, who knew the gods who pulled the world's strings, this is a novel that brings it all back in the vivid reflections of the mirror of divine judgement. -Donald A. Wolheim, founder, DAW Books.

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New: The Gryphon Seal 

Vicki Marsden, an orphan in Edwardian England, little dreams that she will encounter the eminent figures of the day: King Edward the Seventh, archeologist Arthur Evans, suffragette Christobel Pankhurst, and journalist G. K. Chesterton. But her adventures are just beginning, as she must travel through time to discover the secret of The Gryphon Seal.

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Murdercon ,
1982, Doubleday


The Parallel Man

The Parallel
, 1984, DAW
(new edition coming in 2009)

Enchantment at Delphi

at Delphi
, 1986,

Kaphtu Lives!

The Kaphtu Trilogy is now available in deluxe editions, printed on acid-free paper and featuring beautiful color covers by two well- known fantasy artists, George Barr and Don Maitz. All three volumes are  available  through and other online bookstores, or by order from your favorite bookseller.
J.R.R. Tolkien: Myth, Morality and Religion


Ignatius, 2003

Discovering Richard Purtill is like meeting Strider in the Inn at Bree: we have found a Ranger, a reliable guide through Middle-earth."

-Peter Kreeft, author: C.S. Lewis for the Third Millenium


What They're Saying:

"Purtill's intellectual and highly readable work offers an overflowing stream of brilliant insights into Tolkien the man, the author, and the Roman Catholic. One comes away from this book not only with a better understanding of Tolkien, but more importantly, with a greater grasp of truth, beauty, and Grace."

-Bradley Birzer, author: J.R.R. Tolkien's Sanctifying Myth

"A must for the serious student of C.S. Lewis, and for anyone desiring an understandable and timely approach to the
Christian faith."

-Augsburg Newsletter.

C.S. Lewis' Case for the Christian Faith


Ignatius, 2004

"An ideal introduction to C.S. Lewis for the uninitiated and a fine recapitulation for those already familiar with Lewis' writings on religion."


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Richard Purtill,

The Kaphtu Trilogy:

"good writing, good story, good mythology."

-Rebecca Scott,
The Green Man Review

"(The Golden Gryphon Feather) is a book I wish I had written. It has magic; there are gods and mortals, and the kind of golden haze about it all which belongs to that age."

 -C.J. Cherryh, author, The Morgaine Saga.

"Purtill's tales of ancient Crete bring myth to life with exciting action, colorful detail, and magic. Don't miss the Bull Leapers!"

-Sara Stamey, author, Islands.

Book Signing and Discussion
Village Books, Bellingham WA 2005

OryCon 27, Portland OR
Explaining the myths of Kaphtu
Holding forth at OryCon, 2005

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