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Hasbro Navy Blinker Code Light

Hail Matey

Charlie and Gord with a great toy from the '60s. Just like the big signal light at the beginning of the Ensign O'Toole TV show, these handheld models opened the shutters when you pulled the trigger, and the light came on, enabling you to send Morse code. The alphabet was conveniently molded on the back, while the handle held a handy compass along with a lanyard.  This hails from a time when you could get a Scout badge for learning Morse code, and every kid had a code key with buzzer to practice on.

Quazy Energy

From Planet Q to you, Quisp was like his cereal, bursting with quazy energy. An irresistable space man designed by Jay Ward, who brought us the adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, the Q man has been recreated in this Funco boblehead (see Robot Links pages). Fred and Barney's interstellar pal, the Great Gazoo, also made a comeback. This great spinning saucer was a fast food premium in connection with the release of Viva Rock Vegas, and operated like a Kenner SSP racer. You pulled the zip cord to rev up the saucer, which then balanced like a gyroscope, while generating sparks visible through a clear window in the ship. Not bad for free. Gazoo also made the starting line-up for Cartoon Network Wacky Racing  on this 1/64 die-cast NASCAR stock car from Racing Champions.


Following the launch of Transformers Armada, Takara's Generation One Collection made it back as non-transforming Heroes of Cybertron. Optimus Prime, Megatron, Ultra Magnus and Starscream all returned in tiny versions about the size of the included trading cards. In Japan, however, they came in grab bag assortments, with a stand included instead of a trading card. In the ACT-7 series shown, you could get any one of fourteen transformers from Generation One in the box. All the parts interchanged with all the other robots and all the other sets, so you could customize your robots. The original interchangeables also returned, when Palisades Toys brought back Mego's Micronauts, based on Japan's Micromen. The new Palisades versions also included a Micronauts trading card, as in the Acroyear and Time Traveler examples shown here.

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