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Astro Boy Box Set --DVD

Osamu Tezuka's Mighty Atom finally on DVD. This is the original series as seen on US TV in the '60s. 51 English language episodes on 8 discs with numerous extras.

Astro Boy: The Complete Series Box Set-- DVD

Here's the new Astro Boy series as seen on Cartoon Network. The entire 50 episode series on 5 discs, with 29 episodes never seen in the US. Includes featurette: "The Remaking of Astro Boy."

Gigantor: Volume One-- DVD

"Bigger than big, stronger than strong, ready to fight for right against wrong." Rhino has collected all 26 black and white episodes of the first season of Gigantor, as Mitsuteru Yokoyama's Iron Man no. 28 or Tetsujin 28 was known in this '60s cartoon classic. Many extras enhance this beautifully packaged four disc set.

Gigantor: Volume Two-- DVD

Season two, episodes 27- 52, black and white, the continuing adventures of Gigantor and Jimmy Sparks.

Tetsujin 28: Monster Resurrected-- DVD

Volume One of the new, color Gigantor 2004 revival series. Includes beautiful series box which can hold five more DVDs (vols. 2-6).

Speed Racer: Volume One-- DVD

"Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer; he's a demon on wheels." From 1967 and Tatsunoko productions, this may be the most popular anime of all time. A hit when MTV and Cartoon Network rebroadcasted this 52 episode series, and now available on DVD. The Dexter's Lab "Mock Five" episode, parodying Speed Racer was voted number one in a Cartoon Network poll of the best new 'toons.

Speed Racer: Volume Two-- DVD

Speed Racer: Volume Three-- DVD

Robotech Protoculture Collection-- DVD

Of the making of versions of Robotech, to paraphrase Solomon, there is no end. The best versions are the Robotech remastered sets, with improved picture and sound and a few added scenes, but here's the whole story of this '60s space opera in one affordable set. Like Star Blazers, many anime fans have wanted to see the whole Robotech series, but the price of individual DVDs was prohibitive. Now's your chance to see the old school anime that started it all.

Super Dimensional Calvary- Southern Cross-- DVD

Robotech was created from three Japanese series: Super Dimensional Calvary: Southern Cross, Genesis Climber Mospeada, and Super Dimensional Fortress Macross. Now the first two series are available on DVD for those who'd like to see the Japanese originals. As with G Force and Battle of the Planets, both variations of the original Gatchaman, numerous viewers love Robotech, but many anime fans are discovering these original Japanese series.

Genesis Climber Mospeada-- DVD

Transformers- First Season Collector's Edition- DVD

These are the very first Transformers shows, created after Takara's transforming robot toys were licensed to Hasbro as Transformers. The title of the 1985 Japanese series roughly translates as "Fight Super Living Robots Transformers." You know something with a name that cool had to catch on, and shortened, it brought the first wave of mecha to the world. This Rhino set includes the first 16 episodes on three DVDs, with Japanese show openings and bumpers and other extras on a fourth disk. This boxed set also includes two limited edition Transformers animation cels.

Transformers- Season Two Part One-- DVD

Transformers- Season Two Part Two-- DVD

Transformers- Season Three Part One-- DVD

Transformers- Season Three Part Two-- DVD

Transformers: The Movie-- DVD

Now on DVD, this is the American version of the fast-paced 1986 film that brought Takara's toys to the big screen. The International version has additional opening and closing scenes, but as usual, Rhino has sprinkled in extras on the DVD like storyboards and an inteview with the composer of the popular and varied rock soundtrack. A cussword was thrown in to get the film a PG rating in theaters--a G rating seemingly the kiss of death for anything but a Disney film. There are nearly 400 reviews and comments about this film on Amazon. People disagree violently about it, but most herald it as a seminal reminder of the days when Transformers and G.I.Joe ruled '80s afternoon TV. This film flies at the speed of light, but it makes me remember how great Transformers were. The version I'm really enjoying now is the much slower-paced new incarnation of Transformers Armada airing on Cartoon Network's Toonami block.

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